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Trusted Cabinetry Experts

At Express Cabinets, we have over 10 years of retail cabinet and counter top installation experience. Our team of cabinetry experts has over 20 years of combined experience. Renovating your kitchen can be a complicated process. That’s why we promise to work closely with you or your contractor to ensure open communication, a clear idea of what the project will look like, when the project will be finished, and how much the project will cost.

We’re Ready To Help You:

  • Manage the costs
  • Realize your home’s potential
  • Honor your home’s style while making it feel new and fresh
  • Create private and public spaces while maintaining good functionality

High Quality, Budget Friendly Solutions

We work hard to make sure your project stays in budget. Our cabinetry experts can show you several innovative, high quality solutions to fit your budget. With our cabinets you’ll enjoy modern-day ease and maintenance, without the expensive price tag. At Express Cabinets, woodworking is our business and passion. From maple to oak, from hickory to cherry, Express Cabinets can help you select the type of cabinetry you need to make your home or office perfect, whether you want a sophisticated look or a functional work space. We have hundreds of satisfied clients throughout Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming. Call us today for a free estimate (801) 822-5655 or visit us at 1738 S. State St in Orem

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