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This is the most important factor in designing a kitchen. Any space can look beautiful and be within budget, but if it doesn’t work for you and your family, none of the other things matter. Are you an aspiring gourmet chef and want your kitchen to be able to accommodate many cooking appliances and accessories? Or, are you someone who has beautiful family heirloom serving pieces that you want to display in the kitchen and glass cabinets are a must for you? It’s crucial to take stock of all the items you would like to store, display, etc. when beginning the kitchen design process. There are also many accessories that can be installed within the cabinets to help with organization and storage.

Desired Style

Your door style and cabinet finish play a big part in setting the tone and style of your kitchen. If you desire a more traditional look, we suggest selecting a cabinet door with features like ornate molding or glazing to emphasize the details of the door. Also, look for darker stained cabinets if you’re leaning towards a more traditional appearance. If you’re aiming for a transitional, clean-lined style in your kitchen, we suggest looking at our shaker style cabinets. They have just enough detail, but the door style doesn’t overwhelm a space. We also pride ourselves on offering a large selection of painted and stained options. We have an option for every design style!

Wood Type

The type of wood the cabinets are constructed of determines the durability, appearance, and longevity of the cabinets. Two very popular wood types for cabinets are cherry and maple. Cherry is a sturdy wood known for its red undertones. Cherry has a uniform appearance with visible pin holes and grain. It is a popular choice for stained cabinets. Maple is another popular wood for cabinet construction and is much lighter in color with a uniform grain. Maple is used a lot for painted cabinets, but is just as beautiful stained with mineral streaks becoming more apparent, adding to the character of the wood.

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