You have made all the selections for your new kitchen, the perfect layout, the just-right kind of cabinets, a tile back splash that is a stunner, and just one selection remains: the cabinet hardware. It may seem like such a small decision but the hardware can help tie together and solidify your style.

Knobs vs. Pulls

The first step to selecting the right cabinet hardware is deciding what hardware you would like in the space. Most homeowners have a combination of knobs and pulls, but using all pulls is very popular trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Pulls are the easiest to use on drawers as they are easier to grip than a knob. Knobs are better used on cabinet doors. Another important factor to considering when selecting the type of hardware is the correct size knob or pull. The hardware should be in correct proportion to the cabinetry.

Selecting the Finish

The finish of the cabinet hardware is another choice to be made. Popular finishes are brushed nickel and chrome, with antique brass making a big comeback. The great thing about hardware is that it doesn’t have to match the faucet and appliances. Although it doesn’t have to match, it should compliment the other finishes.

Deciding the Style

Cabinet hardware is the jewelry of the cabinets and can enhance the style you are working to achieve. There are limitless options when it comes to hardware! By having a clear idea of the style of the room, it will help you find the options that are perfect for your space. A popular cabinet hardware choice are the bar pulls. Bar pulls are usually found in more modern style spaces but also look great with shaker style cabinets, giving a little twist to a more classical door style. For those looking for a modern look, bin drawer pulls are an option. It adds just the right amount of casual to the cabinetry. You can also go a little more ornate, selecting one that has the extra “oomph” to it with the details.