Cabinetry, more than any other single element in a kitchen design, determines the overall feel of the room. With cabinetry setting the style, the creative use of stains and paints can infuse color and drama and produce a cohesive style and a unique look. Unexpected combinations of colors and patterns, such as mixing painted cabinetry with glazes and other finish enhancements, further accentuate the room’s individuality.

Where a single color was once the norm, painted cabinetry is now paired with stained wood, and dark cabinetry is used to accent lighter shades. The use of glaze colors, such as chocolate, licorice, pewter, suede and vanilla, offers even more opportunities to mix up the color palette. Finish enhancements, such as distressing, sand through and burnishing, are used throughout the home.

The use of glass tiles as a backsplash, mixed stone or concrete countertops or combining contemporary appliances with traditional cabinetry can be successfully integrated into a kitchen project.