Maximize storage with wall-hung cabinets that extend all the way up to the ceiling. Not only will you add extra storage for less frequently used items, you’ll also make the kitchen seem much larger. Extending the cabinets to the ceiling tricks the eye by drawing it upward, making the ceiling seem higher and the room appear bigger.

If you’re looking to maximize your cabinet space but don’t have the room for full-depth cabinetry units, mount a wall of shallow, mirrored 26-in. x 20-in. medicine cabinets on top of each other and side-by-side to hold glassware and spice jars. You’ll be expanding storage space without consuming any square footage, and the mirrors reflect light to visually open up the kitchen. Just make sure that you can properly anchor the units to the wall.

If budget is an issue, instead of buying new cabinets, try replacing solid-wood cabinet doors with frosted glass ones and installing lighting inside. Not only will you gain so much visually with the light and airy effect from the glass faces, you’ll also be adding another dimension of light, which will make the kitchen seem much larger.