Express Cabinets Terms and Conditions

Express Cabinets Terms and Conditions

Please read the Express Cabinets Terms and Conditions.  If you have any questions or concerns about the Express Cabinets Terms and Conditions, please call us at  801-755-8337.

Copyright Statement: All designs and plans are the property of Express Cabinets Inc. This website and all of its original content are the sole property of Express Cabinets and are, as such, fully protected by the appropriate copyright and other intellectual property rights laws.

Privacy Statement: We are committed to protecting our customer’s privacy. Your information is considered confidential and will not be sold, shared or rented to any third party.

Quality Statement: Our product is guaranteed to be of good workmanship and quality and is equal in all respects to samples provided.

Payment Statement: A deposit of 75% is due at the time of placing an order for cabinetry or countertops. Acceptable methods of payment include cash or check. Bank cards will be charged a 3% processing fee. Balance due payments are due within 10 days of installation. After 10 days from notification of completion, if the purchaser is unable or unwilling to remit the remaining balance, then we will have the option to pursue whatever actions deemed necessary to collect said balance. All returned checks will be assessed $50.

Statement of Storage: If purchaser is unable to accept delivery/installation of cabinetry in a timely manner, Express Cabinets reserves the right to charge a storage fee of no less than $25 per day or $200 per week.

Warranty Statement:Express Cabinets Inc provides a limited warranty on cabinets it sells to be free from defects in workmanship and material for 12 months under normal residential use. This warranty does not cover products damaged by accident or misuse or neglect, excessive moisture or heat, damage from fire or flood, or acts of God. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser.

Claims for damages must be made within 48 hours of completion of installation. The purchaser is responsible for final inspection. Modification of the product may void claims of defects.

Natural woods vary in color and grain pattern and exhibit color change over time. Cabinets may darken or lighten with age due to exposure to certain environmental conditions including but not limited to, sunlight, moisture, household cleaners, smoke, etc. These variations are considered the natural characteristics of the material and are not covered under these warranties. This warranty does not include any “As Is” purchases.

Terms of Design Approval: The purchaser is responsible for the final design approval. Any modifications made to the design after the deposit has been placed may be subject to new charges, including, but not limited to, cost of new cabinetry, freight charges, labor charges, installation charges, and any restocking fees charged to Express Cabinets by their distributors.

Statement of Design Use – Unless otherwise requested, Express Cabinets may choose to showcase your designs on its website, blog, or Facebook page and also offer for sale new versions of these designs to other purchasers.